Welcome to Kenzie Driving school

It’s our goal to provide our students with the most effective tools and professional training to become safe Drivers on the Road.

Kenzie Driving school is a certified driving school with a very Qualified Teacher and Instructor. At Kenzie Driving school we have everything you need to successfully complete your driving program in a timely comfortable manner, we offer several behind-the-wheel driving lessons packages. Click on any boxes above for more information on these packages!

For minors ( under 18 years old) we offer a 30-hour online driver’s Education program approved by the state of California DMV.

Behind the Wheel Driver’s Education

California law requires that anyone under the age of 18 have at least 6 hours of driving training with a licensed driving school, and they must begin their driver’s training before they can legally start driving with a parent or someone over 25 years old.

Our motto is “safe, knowledgeable drivers and responsible “ and that doesn’t just stop with you getting your license, so please stay in contact with us with our social media presence and even our blog constantly strives to create awareness of safe driving practices no matter what once you join our family we will take care of you.