welcome to Kenzie driving school, with many years of experience  in the teaching and driving industry we proudly provide online drivers ED and BTW (behind the wheel) courses that meet California DMV requirements, we are a California DMV approved, licensed insured, and bonded driving school. the safety of our student drivers is always the top priority,   our professional and experienced DMV certified instructors are trained to understand the need of every individual driver. Kenzie driving school Vehicles are always clean, maintained, meet all safety requirements and  inspected by DMV certified mechanics.

We don’t generalize, we individualize/customize

We offer a wide suite of services that works on enhancing the weaknesses of Teens, Adults, and Seniors who have been driving already, as well as those who are learning to drive for the first time.


This is what we help you achieve:

Practice Test for Driving License The first step to qualify for your driving license at DMV is to take a written test. Take a glance at DMV Sample tests, note down the areas you are not clear about and we will help you understand them better so you are prepared to take the DMV written test with great confidence! Freeway Driving Parking situations


Whereas, most driving schools would have a general driving education program that they use with every driver applying for a driving course, our friendly and highly experienced instructors work hard to develop adequate and and specific educational driving course that treats the needs of every driver separately.


This is what makes us successful, helping you PASS and qualify for your driving license from the first time.


A State DMV Approved Driving School

Not all driving schools teach the same, & we take pride in being different. It’s our job to stay on point with proper lesson plans but the delivery of said education is where we can really shine.  Below is a list of some things we offer.


General Vehicle Safety


Vehicle Maintenance


Parallel Parking


3 Point Turn


Freeway Driving


Accident Avoidance

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we will uphold the highest standard licensing to statically produce the safest/responsible drivers on the road, at a reasonable capitative price.

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