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We match any advertised price.

within 20 miles radius of school location. Agreed up on the day of singing the contract  


At Kenzie Driving school our students are #1, we will help you become the best, safest, and most reliable driver. 

We make sure our students get the most knowledge Possible at any level. With many years of experience, we have perfect the art of teaching new and experienced drivers how to drive safe and or correct any habits acquired thru the years. In our driving courses we will cover things like seat and mirrors adjustment, steering control, break signal light, unprotected left turns, right turns on red lights, lane changes SMOG, which is stand for signal, mirrors, over the shoulder and Go if safe and many other driving techniques that will help our students become the most effective, officiant and safe drivers. We do not use students time to pick and drop of any other students. We treat our students with the up most respect and work on building their confidence while still keeping them aware of the importance of driving safe.


 Teaching our students safe driving habits is our commitment to you, your teen, your family, and our community.   



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We Are Open 5 Days A Week

BTW Lessons are given 7 days a week & some holidays

office hours
Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat/Sun: Closed


Online driver Education

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drivers education online is an easy and convenient way to complete the 30 hrs requirements.


Driver’s Training for Teens

At Kenzie driving school, our instructors are friendly, experienced and know the most up-to-date methods of driving and safety techniques.

We are DMV approved

our online/BTW courses are approved by the California DMV.

 DMV license #E2174

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We are now scheduling online all driving lessons, Call the office with any questions, we can help you.


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we will uphold the highest standard licensing to statically produce the safest/responsible drivers on the road, at a reasonable capitative price.

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lake Elsinore, CA 92532                                                                            ss@kenziedrivingschool.com



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